What Are The Characteristics Of Led Street Light Housing


In the structure of Led Street Light Housing, the heat […]

In the structure of Led Street Light Housing, the heat sink and the lamp housing are integrated. The LED light source is directly connected to the housing. The heat dissipation wing of the housing and the air convection heat dissipation, which fully guarantees the 20,000-hour service life of the LED lamp. According to the calculation of working 12 hours a day, the life of the tunnel lamp is more than 5 years, and the maintenance cost is extremely low.In addition to these advantages, what other characteristics does Led Street Light Housing have?


1. The design of the shell product is novel and the appearance is beautiful.

2. The product structure design is reasonable, with unique waterproof structure and processing technology.

3. The product has good heat dissipation. The heat dissipation part and the light emitting and heating part of the lamp body adopt an integrated structure. The thick aluminum material can absorb the heat generated by the LED in time, which maximizes the heat dissipation area and the good ventilation structure, which can guarantee In order to instantly conduct the heat absorbed by the aluminum substrate, ensure that the junction temperature of the LED during operation is below 50 to 70 ℃.

4. Convenient installation: the bracket and the lamp housing are connected in a simple way, the luminous angle is adjustable, and the fixing is convenient.

5. Lamp structure: aluminum radiator + iron bracket

6. Production process: CNC machining + anodizing + paint spraying

7. Light distribution method: lamp beads + reflector, can be equipped with lumen, patch and other lamp beads

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