The Scope Of the Aluminum Lamp Housing


The scope of the Aluminum Lamp Housing : 1. Block stron […]

The scope of the Aluminum Lamp Housing :

1. Block strong light. Avoid direct light into the human eye, causing dizziness.

2. Protective effect. It can prevent the invasion of dust and oil fume, thereby prolonging the service life of the bulb.

3. Decorative effect. The color and shape of the lampshade can also become a scene in the room, giving people enjoyment. The choice of lampshade mainly depends on personal hobbies and living conditions. One way is to coordinate the shade color with the wall color. For example, the cream yellow wall is matched with the goose yellow lampshade, which looks harmonious and warm; the sky blue wall is matched with the light blue lampshade, which looks bright and clear new.

The other is to use a contrasting color between the color of the lampshade and the wall. Because the lampshade is generally small, choosing a contrasting color will make it stand out and create a sense of jumping. When choosing a lampshade, another consideration is to coordinate with the color of the base. For example, the dark red base is matched with the crimson or brown lampshade, which looks integrated. The use of contrasting colors is not recommended here, such as using contrasting colors will give the illusion that the lamp is divided into two parts. When choosing, you should also consider that the color of the light and the color of the lampshade may be very harmonious at the beginning, but after the light is turned on, the color will change to a certain extent under the change the light, so when choosing, be sure to turn on the light. After seeing the effect, I decided to buy it.

The shape of the lampshade should be consistent with the overall style of the room. And the styles of each room are not consistent. For example, the shape of the lampshade in the children's room should be cartoon-shaped, and the material should be soft. The lampshade of the bedroom can be selected in lighter shades, and the shape can be determined according to personal preference.

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