The Production Process Of Aluminum Lamp Housing


What is the production process of Aluminum Lamp Housing […]

What is the production process of Aluminum Lamp Housing :

1. Buy aluminum rods.

2. Heat the stove and put the aluminum rod into the stove.

3. Heat the mold at the same time, and then put the mold in the corresponding mechanical position [the mold is the cross-section of the aluminum alloy profile].

4. Extruded profiles to form aluminum alloy shell long bars [straight bars].

5. Cut long material [or length cut] at a 45° angle (just adjust the size and start cutting at the ruler. Xiyuemei has an imported 45° angle automatic cutting machine, which is more efficient and more accurate.)

6. In addition to the exact size of the ruler, after the short strip comes out, it will be re-confirmed by the vernier caliper. Only short pieces of ±20mm are qualified and then welded or spliced.

7. After the frame is formed, oxidation can be taken.

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