Technical Requirements For 50w Street Light Housing And Reflectors


Technical requirements for 50w Street Light Housing and […]

Technical requirements for 50w Street Light Housing and reflector:

A. Technical requirements:

1. The complete set of components of the solar street lamp is composed of impact-resistant high-pressure cast aluminum.

2. The shell of the high-purity aluminum oxide lamp is specially designed by the computer, the line is smooth, and the curve is even and full.

3. High-strength and high-temperature resistant curved tempered glass, with flexible silicon seal, the sealing level reaches IP65.

4. The upper opening cover is opened, and it is equipped with a safety stainless steel buckle.

5, electrostatic spray surface treatment process, anti-ultraviolet radiation, and color according to the renderings.

6. The solar street light lamps have passed the 2G gravity acceleration 3D 100,000 mechanical vibration test, and there is no application safety concern.

7. The fasteners used in solar street lamps are made of stainless steel.

8. The solar street lamp adopts an integrated design, and the electrical cavity and the light source cavity are separated.

9. The reflector is made of high-purity aluminum stretching. After anodizing and polishing, the reflectivity is required to be ≥80%, and it will not be oxidized within ten years.

10. The light-transmitting part adopts a clear glass cover with good light transmission, high strength, high-temperature resistance, and anti-glare.

12. All electrical components are installed in the solar panel junction box, and the design life of the controller is 20-30 years.

13. The service life of solar street lamps is 20-30 years.

B. Basic performance:

1. Protection performance: IP65

2. Shell protection performance: Class II

3. Working environment: -50℃~+70℃

4. Electric shock protection level: Class I .

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