Performance Requirements For Square Led Street Light Housing


Outdoor lighting is a very important part of today's so […]

Outdoor lighting is a very important part of today's social life, and from the perspective of large-area lamps, we find that the square floodlight housing has become a very important choice. Next, let's take a look at the performance requirements of the square Led Street Light Housing :

1. The structural design is very prominent
When you come into contact with friends of square floodlight housing products, you will find that the structural design of this product is often very different from other products. It can be seen from the structural design of such products that the internal and external strong seismic design is adopted. Thanks to its very unique design, the product does not have to worry even if it encounters a strong earthquake during use, and the product has a long service life, so the product is also very high.

2. Production materials and technology are ideal
In order to help everyone better understand the specific situation of the square floodlight shell products, my friend also explained the material of the products very clearly. Since this type of product is made of aluminum alloy, it has very good effects in many aspects during use. When learning about such products, the spraying technology also adopts high-tech spraying methods, so the surgical surface will never rust and the corrosion performance is very obvious.

3. Ideal electromagnetic compatibility
When using the product, it can be known that the product also has a very good effect on the overall electromagnetic compatibility. Especially when using this product, it has been found that there is no adverse effect on the surrounding electromagnetic environment. And in the process of work, the overall heat dissipation performance is also in a very good state. As a result, multiple parts of the product are very accurate in use, the edge sealing process is also very effective, and it is very dust and water-resistant.

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