Maintenance Requirements For Die-Cast Housing


Die-Cast Housing's appearance is the most easily damage […]

Die-Cast Housing's appearance is the most easily damaged in the whole process of capital turnover in many technological processes. For example, the cold-rolled steel sheet behind the laser sheet and the laser-cut sheet will be destroyed during the whole process of being blasted from the automatic slicer, and the painted appearance will be destroyed during the whole process of transportation.


1. According to the length of the shearing machine, a rubber pad can be placed behind the shearing machine. The rubber pad is placed obliquely and fixed on both sides of the shearing machine so that the surface of the shearing machine is not easy to be damaged when it descends; laser material After forming, it should be placed on the laser raw material stacking rack.


2. According to the classification of customers and laser parts, it is not necessary to throw it on the wooden floor of the sheet metal production workshop, which can avoid scratches and scratches on the surface of the laser raw material; after the announcement, part of the painting should be painted with waste paper boxes or rubber pad. In addition, in sheet metal equipment, such as sound card racks, coating solutions should be carried out on the periphery to prevent touching the corners during the whole process of consignment or transportation.


3. Clean the surface of machinery and equipment in sheet metal processing plants, especially scrubbing oil stains to avoid oil stains causing corrosion to the equipment.


4. In addition to adding grease to the sheet metal chassis shell processing equipment on time, its working efficiency is maintained.

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