Led Street Light Housing Supplier Introduces Rules For Street Lamp Spacing Standards


Street lights are very common in today's life. Its role […]

Street lights are very common in today's life. Its role is to illuminate the road in the night. When designing street lights, the planning of street lamp spacing standards is very important. This is related to whether the street lights can be properly illuminated in the night. There are two kinds of roads, specific design plans. Follow Led Street Light Housing supplier to see:


1. The spacing standard of single-arm street lamps: first know the height of the pole, and the height of the pole is related to the width of the road, and must be coordinated with the width of the road. For example, on a road with a width of 6 meters, the height of the light pole is about 6-7 meters, and the effective distance of the general street lamp spacing is about 20-25 meters.


2. The distance standard between two-arm street lamps: the two light sources of the two-arm street lamps point to two different roads. When the height of the lamp post increases, the power of the light source also needs to be increased, so the spacing is still the same. However, if the poles are the same height, the power of the light source will increase, and the spacing may be relatively long, but the longest should not exceed 30 meters. If you choose led street light fixtures, make sure to add a lens on each lamp bead, because the lens will disperse the LED light, otherwise it will not achieve the desired effect, and the spacing will be shortened, thereby increasing street lights and increasing costs.

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