Led Street Lamp Housing Manufacturers Share What Factors Will Affect The Life Of Led Lamps


Although LED lighting life has advantages, but the pric […]

Although LED lighting life has advantages, but the price is prohibitive for customers. After the LED lamp has a certain life advantage, there is no need to pursue longer life too much, just as it is not necessary to pursue too high light efficiency. Compared with the price of energy-saving lamps, the price of LED lamps is still at a disadvantage, and cost reduction is the key. Following Led Street Light Housing  Manufacturers , let's talk about the factors that affect the life of LED lamps.


1. The life of LED lamps is generally thought to be 100,000 hours, and LEDs must have a certain power when they are made into lamps. The higher the power, the higher the heat dissipation requirements. If the heat dissipation is not good, the life of LEDs will be affected.


2. The driving power is related to the life of the LED lamp.


3. The quality is good or bad. The life parameter of the common LED floodlight housing in the LED lighting industry should be 30,000 to 50,000 hours. The standard of incandescent lamp life is 1000 hours, but it has long been used in civilian home lighting stores. The most important reason is the price advantage.

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