Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Wholesaler Shares Knowledge Of Street Lamp Housing Materials


In the entire LED street lamp, the role of the street l […]

In the entire LED street lamp, the role of the street lamp housing is not only to gather the light together, but also to prevent static electricity and to protect the eyes, so each LED street lamp has a street lamp housing. For this reason, the materials of the street lamp housing are also different. Next, let Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Wholesale tell you what are the differences between street lamp housing materials.


1.The current high-power LED street lamps are generally made of aluminum, such as die-cast aluminum, car aluminum, stretch aluminum, etc. Compared with stainless steel, it has the following advantages:


a.LED street lamps require materials with good heat dissipation, and aluminum has a much higher thermal conductivity than steel;

b.Aluminum profiles are easy to process, and many stores can handle them, making it easy to obtain materials;

c.There is a layer of dense alumina on the surface of aluminum, which has a good anti-oxidation corrosion effect;

d.After that, aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel, and the price is suitable.


2.The outer shell of the street lamp is made of plastic acrylic plate, which absorbs light evenly, so the light emitted through the acrylic plate is very soft and pure in color. The street lamp shell is not only covered on the lamp in order to gather the light together, but also can prevent electric shock, and also has an effect on protecting the eyes, so there will be a lamp shell on each lamp.


3.The street lamp housing is divided into C lamp housing, glass lamp housing, plastic lamp housing, matte lamp housing, diy lamp housing, paper lamp housing, profile lamp housing, etc.


4.The indoor protection requirements are not high, using ordinary plastic, plastic and other common materials. At the same time, like the current LED energy-saving lamps, the high power is generally aluminum, and some are made of plastic. However, outdoor protection requirements are relatively high. Generally, engineering plastic PC is commonly used, as well as polycarbonate, acrylic, and other high-strength, waterproof and light-resistant polymer materials. Now many industrial lighting LED street lamps are used in military, aerospace, metallurgy, mining and other fields, and most of them use aluminum alloy, steel plate and other corrosion-resistant high-strength materials.

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