Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Is A More Important Part Of Street Lights


There are 4 main parts in the base of general street la […]

There are 4 main parts in the base of general street lamps: high-quality LED chips, heat sinks, power supplies, Hot-Selling Street Light Housing .


1. High-quality LED chip: It can prevent high temperature and dissipate heat quickly.


2. Radiator:

Heat dissipation is the main factor affecting the degree of light decay and service life of LED light sources.


3. Power supply:

Whether the power supply can withstand the safety of high temperature, high humidity, high pressure (UL), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI), this is a mandatory indicator, and also determines the life of the real energy-saving LED lamp.


4. Hot-Selling Street Light Housing:

From the perspective of saving, we can choose sodium lamp retrofit for LED lamp heads within 30W. For LED lamp heads over 30W, because the radiator is exposed in the air, the heat dissipation performance is better. LED light source, less power consumption, luminous rate High efficiency, long life, easy control, maintenance-free, favored by customers.

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