High-Quality Street Lamp Housing Supplier Introduces How To Judge Whether Die Casting Is High Quality


With the continuous development of science and technolo […]

With the continuous development of science and technology, the requirements for die casting products are getting higher and higher. From the safety and aesthetics have high requirements. The control of the surface temperature of the die-casting mold is very important for the production of high-quality die-casting parts. Uneven or inappropriate mold temperature will also lead to instability of the casting standard. During the production process, the casting is deformed, and defects such as thermal pressure, mold sticking, external depression, internal shrinkage cavity and thermal bubble occur. Follow the  High Quality Street Light Housing Supplier to explore the reasons:


Causes: 1. The temperature of the die-casting mold is too low; 2. The temperature of the molten metal is low; 3. The pressure of the press is too low; 4. The lack of molten metal and the injection speed are too high; 5. The air cannot be discharged.

Adjustment method:
1. The planning of die-casting parts, at the time of planning, especially pay attention to the requirements of the application requirements to make the structure of the die-casting parts as simple as possible. Otherwise, the shortcomings of die castings such as pits, pores, and cracks are simply presented. Nanhai aluminum alloy die casting standards are accurate and reasonable. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary trouble for the planning and management of mold planning and processing. Many unqualified products will be produced.  

2. The structure of the mold, the processing accuracy and the selection of the mold data are also meticulous: aluminum alloy die casting is die-cast by the mold, and the selection of the mold data is also greatly related to the quality of the product. The mold structure is not good enough, and it is difficult to pass the product even if the measures are adopted technically.

3. The reduction rate of casting data: When the reduction rate of casting data is usually given as a uniform percentage or as a percentage with a certain change in scale, special attention should be paid to the timing of high-precision die casting planning molds. It is necessary to make an experimental mold first . After obtaining the data on the experimental mold, plan to manufacture molds for many productions.

4. Preparation and implementation of the technology: The preparation of the die-casting technology of the Nanhai aluminum alloy die-casting factory is determined by the technical level of the operator, the quality of the mold and the die-casting equipment. Nowadays, it is difficult for China to control the technical parameters of die-casting under the condition of die-casting equipment, which is stable, reliable and accurate.

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