High Lumen Street Light Housing Suppliers Share The Characteristics Of High-Quality Lamp Housings


The quality of the line lamp housing is directly affect […]

The quality of the line lamp housing is directly affected by the quality of the manufacturing process. The aluminum plate edge of the aluminum alloy shell with a higher process will not appear burrs, sharp edges, burrs and other phenomena, and the exposed corners are processed by folding, which is not easy to scratch. Injury to the installer's hand. So how to judge the quality of the line lamp housing process? The following High Lumen Street Light Housing supplier will introduce it to you.


1. The quality of the aluminum rod, the quality of the aluminum rod is directly related to the quality of the line lamp shell profile made, so it is a major inspection standard to see whether the aluminum rod surface of the aluminum profile factory is delicate.


2. The production equipment of aluminum profiles mainly depends on the heat preservation of the aluminum rod heating furnace. If an aluminum rod furnace without insulation is an aluminum rod furnace with uneven heating. So it is also important to look at the heating furnace of the aluminum plant.



3. Production process, after watching the two important indicators, it is necessary to check the professional level of the labor and process standards. A good aluminum profile factory must have a stable staff structure to ensure the quality of the customer's aluminum profile.


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