High Lumen Street Light Housing Manufacturers Introduces The Materials Of The Lampshade


What are the common lampshade materials introduced by H […]

What are the common lampshade materials introduced by High Lumen Street Light Housing Manufacturers ?

Generally, there are fabrics, PVC, kraft paper, etc., as well as wood chip materials, glass materials, fabric materials, painted metal materials, acrylic materials, etc. The lampshade is not only used to cover the lamp to gather the light together but also to prevent electric shock and protect the eyes, so most lamps will have a lampshade.

Fabric shades: Fabric shades are rarely used today. On the one hand, the fabric lamp shade is not easy to clean; on the other hand, the lamp emits heat during the heating process. It is not safe to use fabric lampshades, and the cost of fabric lampshades is high. The cloth lampshade has a higher decorative effect. The light of the lamp with the cloth lampshade is very soft, which is easy to create a romantic and warm atmosphere, especially in the bedroom, which can protect the eyes well.

PVC lampshade: PVC lampshade is also a common lampshade material now. The PVC lampshade has bright color, strong corrosion resistance, good durability, and firmness. But at the same time, the PVC lampshade is made of plastic, so the PVC lampshade contains a carcinogen vinyl chloride, which is not environmentally friendly to use at home.

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