High Lumen Street Light Housing Manufacturers Introduces The Identification Tips For High-quality Street Lights


In recent years, with the development of solar street l […]

In recent years, with the development of solar street lights, more and more users see the advantages of solar street lights, and their use is becoming more and more extensive. Then, High Lumen Street Light Housing Manufacturers introduces the identification tips for high-quality street lights:

1. Check the quality of the solar street light head, focusing on the shell, lens, reflector, etc., to see its luminous frequency, followed by whether the luminous brightness of the lamp is translucent; if it looks a little dirty, then it is likely to be the quality of the lamp There is a problem.

2. The quality of solar street lights can be well judged by the brightness because solar street lights absorb solar power during the day and store electrical energy for use at night, so the power of solar street lights is higher than that of directly powered street lights.

3. Generally, solar street lights should have the anti-static ability. Solar streetlights themselves need to store a large amount of electric energy, and they are used in outdoor environments for a long time. If they do not have the anti-static ability, they will cause great damage.

4. The solar street light uses a one-way conductive light-emitting device. If there is a reverse current inside the solar street light during use, there will be leakage. If the solar street light has a leakage problem, its service life will be greatly shortened, and the quality is not guaranteed.

5. When choosing solar street lights, it is necessary to observe the lighting viewpoint of solar street lights. Different types and standards of solar street lights have different lighting viewpoints, so according to the application requirements, the lighting viewpoints of solar street lights can be selected.

6. In the same way, the color of the solar street light has different effects, and it still needs to be selected according to the lighting needs. Solar streetlights with different wavelengths have different colors and prices.

7. If it is a solar street light, it is necessary to check the quality of the battery; under normal circumstances, a good battery can continue to supply power for at least one week after being fully charged, of course, this time is not fixed (the power supply time may be shorter in winter).

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