Features Of LED Street Light Housing


LED solar street lights to overcome the shortcomings of […]

LED solar street lights to overcome the shortcomings of traditional solar street lights, such as short light source life and high light source power. LED solar street light has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, longevity, maintenance-free, etc. It adopts a high-brightness, high-power light source, built-in street light controller (light control, time control), an LED constant current driver, light pole, and battery. Below, are the features of Led Street Light Housing :

(1) The integrated light source (30~100w) is used for light distribution design, and imported high-brightness chips are selected.

(2) The integrated design of the radiator and the lamp housing is adopted, the LED integrated light source is directly and closely connected with the housing, and the heat dissipation fins of the housing and the air convection heat dissipation, which fully guarantees the 50000H service life of the LED solar street light.

(3) The surface of the lamp is treated with UV-resistant and anti-corrosion treatment, and it is sealed with high-temperature-resistant foamed silica gel, which can effectively prevent dust and water, and the protection level reaches IP65.

(4) Using a single glass lens for light distribution, the light emitted by the LED is controlled within the range that needs to be illuminated, which improves the uniformity of the lighting effect and the utilization rate of light energy, and highlights the energy-saving advantages of LED solar street lights.

(5) No glare, no stroboscopic, which can improve driving safety.

(6) There is no delay in starting, and normal brightness can be achieved when power is turned on.

(7) It does not contain polluting elements such as lead and mercury, and does not cause any pollution to the environment.

(8) Combine solar photovoltaic panels with LEDs to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability.

(9) The installation of LED solar street lights is simple and convenient, and there is no need to carry out a lot of basic engineering (such as laying cables).

(10) There is no potential safety hazard, and it adopts a DC power supply and photosensitive control. LED solar street lights work under safe voltage. Very safe.

(11) Without ultraviolet and infrared rays, the luminous efficiency is high and stable.

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