Energy Saving Street Light Housing Manufacturers Introduce How To Prevent Street Light Leakage Through


Energy Saving Street Light Housing Manufacturers introd […]

Energy Saving Street Light Housing Manufacturers introduced that the leakage of street light facilities is divided into "light pole live" and "cable leakage". The scenarios caused by these two types of phenomena are as follows:


1. The cable insulation in the street lamp pole is damaged, causing the wire to contact the lamp pole, which makes the lamp pole electrified.


2. The lamp head is leaking. Although the lamp holder is designed with a waterproof function, the lamp holder may leak electricity after the insulation changes or the line is struck by lightning.


3. Water in the road surface intrudes into the interior of the light pole, resulting in leakage. When the city is flooded, if the street light pole is submerged in water, the water level exceeds the height of the light door, and the waterproof measures of the wiring head are insufficient, which will lead to leakage.


4. Cable insulation changes. Street lamp power supply lines are relatively long, some lines may be several kilometers long, and they are all buried in the ground. After a long time, the insulation will change due to erosion, or the cable skin will be damaged due to the influence of external force. The reduction of cable insulation may lead to leakage.

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