Die-Cast Housing Wholesale Introduces The Method Of Street Lamp Wiring


Today, Die-Cast Housing Wholesale will share the method […]

Today, Die-Cast Housing Wholesale will share the method of street lamp wiring:


A cable is used to build a manual well at the position of the lamp, and the T-shaped connection method is used to connect the lead wire to the safety inlet end of the lamp post. The cable enters the light pole from the basic threading hole, cut off the two or more required wires, and press the same color wires with the connecting nose respectively, and then connect the fuse inlet end. The following procedures are used in construction: fixing the lamp position → ditching → buried pipe → casting the foundation of the street lamp → laying the cable → insulation test → street lamp installation → electrical equipment installation experiment and debugging → self-checking → completed acceptance


Precautions for street lamp wiring: copper joints are required for direct cable connection to street lamps. Generally, the cables come in three-phase and four-wire. Cut the cable and connect to the copper connector of the corresponding specification. The copper connector is connected to the terminal block. Select one phase and neutral line under the terminal block to access the leakage protector or air circuit breaker, and then lead to the street lamp. It's better to keep between street lamps and street lamps. Breakpoints are generated. First, the operation cost increases, and the middle head needs to be done. Second, the maintenance cost increases.

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