Die-Cast Housing Suppliers Introduces Led Street Light Anti-Corrosion Treatment


As we all know, LED street lights have a long service l […]

As we all know, LED street lights have a long service life, which is more advantageous than ordinary street lights. Die-Cast Housing Suppliers introduces two factors that affect the service life. One is the service life of the LED, and the other is the service life of the lamp post.


The service life of LED street lamps exceeds 15 years. Since LED street lamps are required to work outdoors, it is necessary to ensure that they have sufficient corrosion resistance, then the LED street lamp poles are deeply anti-corrosive. In order to achieve this effect, the lamp post is hot dip galvanized, that is, the pre-treated parts and other parts are placed in a molten zinc solution to form a layer of zinc on the surface. The thickness of the zinc layer must be 65-90um.


The zinc layer of galvanized parts should be uniform, smooth, without burrs, dripping and excessive agglomeration, and the zinc layer should be firmly combined with the steel rod. After hot dip galvanizing, LED street lights can be further sprayed. Plastic spraying treatment can improve the anticorrosion performance of the steel rod more perfectly, and ensure the service life of the LED street lamp is increased.

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