Die-Cast Housing Manufacturers Share The Cooling Function Of Led Floodlights


Die-Cast Housing   Manufacturers reminds that the use l […]

Die-Cast Housing   Manufacturers reminds that the use life of high-power LEDs is related to the heat dissipation function of the LED floodlight housing. Field lighting LED floodlights are the most widely used high-power LED lamps. The light used in field lighting projects can be called a must Indispensable outdoor lighting, outdoor lighting is the most important function, there are various humid environments, IP65 waterproof rating will be suitable for the outdoor lighting needs of this environment.


The heat dissipation of the high-power LED floodlight housing: the rear housing is also the primary residence space for conduction and convection cooling, and radiant heat lamps also need to be considered. High-power LED lamp beads are mostly used for LED lighting. The power of LED lamps for high-current trade is only 15%-30%, and most of the remaining energy is converted into heat.


If the thermal energy cannot efficiently banish the electricity, the result will be very severe, so the flooding effect of the high-power LED life can be imagined, the temperature will continue to affect the high-power LED floodlight luminous power is high, triggering the wave Redshifts, projections and other entrances will also result in poor representation as the equipment ages, resulting in a significant decrease in the life of high-power LED floodlights. According to the laws of Porto Vilnius, the operating temperature of the floodlight housing has dropped by 10°C. The expected service life of the extended power LED floodlight is approximately twice.

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