Die-cast Housing Manufacturers Introduce The Scope Of Use Of Die-casting Process


Die-cast Housing Manufacturers introduce the scope of u […]

Die-cast Housing Manufacturers introduce the scope of use of die-casting process:


Because the products produced by this method have the advantages of high production efficiency, simple process, high casting tolerance level, good surface roughness, and high mechanical strength, a large number of machining processes and equipment can be saved, and raw materials can be saved. An important part of my country's foundry industry.


The die-casting process is a process in which the three elements of the die-casting machine, die-casting mold, and alloy are organically combined and used comprehensively. The process of filling the cavity with metal during die casting is a process of unifying process factors such as pressure, speed, temperature, and time. At the same time, these process factors influence each other, restrict each other, and complement each other. Only by correctly selecting and adjusting these factors and making them harmonize can the expected results be obtained. Therefore, in the die-casting process, not only should we pay attention to the craftsmanship of the casting structure, the advanced nature of the die-casting mold, the performance and structural excellence of the die-casting machine, the adaptability of the selection of die-casting alloys, and the standardization of the smelting process; more attention should be paid to pressure, temperature and time. and other process parameters play an important role in casting quality. In the die casting process, attention should be paid to the effective control of these parameters.

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