Common Causes Of Electrification In Hot-selling Street Light Housing


Common causes of electrification in Hot-Selling Street […]

Common causes of electrification in Hot-Selling Street Light Housing :

1. The insulation between the live part of the electrical appliance and the casing is broken down or seriously damaged. The human body has a strong sense of electric shock when it touches the shell and often cannot control itself to escape from it.


2. The insulation performance of the electrical appliance is poor. In this case, the human body feels "numb" when it touches the shell, but it can get rid of it under self-control.


3. The voltage to the ground is caused by the distributed capacitance and insulation resistance of the electrical appliance itself. At this time, when the human body touches the metal shell, there is a slight "numbness" feeling, but when the hand is pressed against the shell, it is no longer felt. The way to prevent the electrical enclosure from being electrified is to connect the electrical enclosure to a reliable ground wire.


In this way, in the latter two live cases, the leakage current will flow into the earth automatically through the ground wire; if the leakage is due to electrical damage, the fuse in the circuit will automatically blow, cutting off the power supply to ensure safety.

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