Anti-Theft Measures For 100w Street Light Housing


Anti-theft measures for 100w Street Light Housing : &nb […]

Anti-theft measures for 100w Street Light Housing :


1. Power theft

For power supplies with low power, you can consider putting them in the lamp housing.For power supplies with high power, you can install a safety device on the street lamp pole access door.


2. Cable anti-theft

During the construction of the street lamp project through the cable, pouring thick cement slurry into the cable sleeve to fix the cable. During construction, a slot is opened near the protective pipe head of the incoming cable. When passing through the cable, a thick cement slurry is poured over the slot. The cement slurry fills the protective pipe under the pulling force of the cable. After the cement slurry solidifies, that is The cable and the protective tube can be connected together to achieve the purpose of anti-theft.


3. Install the camera

Installing a camera in an area with street lights can not only prevent theft but also play a role in stabilizing society.

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