Aluminum Lamp Housing Manufacturers Share The Material Characteristics Of The Lampshade?


The lampshade can be seen everywhere in our lives, but […]

The lampshade can be seen everywhere in our lives, but everyone does not know its characteristics and materials, so the following Aluminum Lamp Housing manufacturers will teach you how to buy a high-quality lampshade:


1.PC material maintains stable performance against general fire, alcohol, oil, salt and weak acid.

2. But in alkaline substances, aromatics, halogenated carbohydrates, etc., whitening, swelling and dissolution will occur.

3. PC critical stress-due to the action of chemicals, cracks or cracks will occur. This phenomenon is caused by the opening of the solvent. During the extrusion process of the PC lampshade, you will often encounter very annoying problems, such as the surface of the cover. , Wavy patterns, black spots. How to solve this kind of problem, how to make the production stopped because of quality problem quickly return to normal?

First of all, it is necessary to analyze from the perspective of technicians to see whether unconventional operations have caused these product defects. Due to the characteristics of the product, some minor misoperations may cause these defects. For example, when adjusting the machine, the machine is not in the horizontal position, the pressure is too high, etc. If the subjective factors are completely excluded, the next step is to analyze whether the hardware is normal. PC lampshade extrusion starts with simple problems, such as whether there are debris or debris on the production line.

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