50w Street Light Housing Wholesale Share How To Remove The Ceiling Lamp Shade


Ceiling lamp is a kind of luminaire which is almost use […]

Ceiling lamp is a kind of luminaire which is almost used in modern home decoration. The ceiling light not only can play a very good lighting role, but also has a very good decorative effect. Then 50w Street Light Housing Wholesale will teach you how to disassemble the ceiling lamp housing.


1.Disassembly method of rectangular ceiling chandelier

a.Take the lampshade. This type of lampshade should start from his four corners. Use the dishwashing hook of the glass suction cup to suck the aluminum alloy part on the side and slowly pull down. Until the lampshade.

b.Remove the light bulb. It should be noted that when disassembling, you must grasp the two frames by hand, pull down slowly, and also drag the ceiling lamp.


2.Disassembly method of aluminum buckle ceiling lamp

a.Turn off the power.

b.Then use a small screwdriver or a small thin blade to tilt the corner of the aluminum gusset from the seam and remove the lamp cover

c.Pull down a small piece of aluminum buckle in the same way, and then take out the bulb. Among them, the method of disassembling the embedded ceiling lamp is to cut off the power first, and then find the spring clip and break it. The disassembly method of the crystal ceiling lamp is to remove all accessories first, then remove the lamp tube, and finally remove the ceiling tray.


3.Disassembly method of round ceiling chandelier

a.Turn off the power first.

b.Then use a screwdriver to remove the screws around the iron ring of the lamp cover, then rotate the lamp cover until it is unscrewed, and then remove the lamp.


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