50w Street Light Housing Manufacturer Introduces 3 Kinds Of The Lampshade Installation Guide


50w Street Light Housing Manufacturer introduces the in […]

50w Street Light Housing Manufacturer introduces the installation strategies of 3 kinds of lampshades:

1. Installation of ceiling lamp shade
First, take out the base of the ceiling light, and then drill the holes for fixing the holes on the installation position, and tighten them with screws. Then, perform wiring, wrap it with insulating tape after wiring, install the lamp tube, and cover the lampshade according to the position of the base. Pay attention to checking whether there is looseness, and adjust it by yourself to ensure safety. After the installation is completed, the lampshade needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly in the later stage.

2. Installation of chandelier shade
First of all, you can determine the installation position, and then check whether it is firm before punching. The wiring of the chandelier is more particular than that of the ceiling lamp. It is necessary to wrap the wire end tightly with insulating tape. Connect the light bulb and turn on the power to check whether it is powered on. After turning off the power, fix the position, and hide the wiring head in the chandelier interface so as not to expose it. Finally, put the lampshade on.

3. Installation of embedded lampshade
This is a lampshade that is mounted on the ceiling and only shows its shape. When decorating the ceiling, the lamp shape is first selected, and the holes and lines for installing the lampshade are reserved in advance. The rest is to connect the circuit and the lampshade shell, wrap the same interface with insulating tape, then snap the lampshade into the ceiling, and then install the light bulb and turn it on.

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