50w Street Lamp Housing Manufacturers Share How To Choose High Quality Zinc Alloy Die Castings


The advantages of zinc alloys are low melting point, sl […]

The advantages of zinc alloys are low melting point, slow melting and heat preservation, and less heat in the pressure chamber and die casting mold wall. How can we reduce the shortcomings and manufacture zinc alloy die castings that meet the requirements? 50w Street Light Housing  Manufacturers shares the following elements:


1.Choose the appropriate die casting machine:
The die-casting machine is the key equipment for the production of die-casting. The quality of its function determines the quality of the die-casting parts objectively. The correct choice of die casting machine is essential to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce production cost. The function of die casting machine depends on two aspects.

Satisfactory clamping force: prevent the highest peak of metal melt flow pressure, showing flash and material.

Satisfactory injection can ensure that the die does not overheat or overflow during die casting, and at the same time ensure that the machine has sufficient molten metal to be transported and fill the cavity at the required speed in a short time.


2.die casting mold flow channel planning:

Because the zinc alloy must fill the cavity in a short time, the planning and manufacturing of the die casting mold and its runner system is much higher than that of the plastic mold. The flow channel system is to guide the metal solution to fill the cavity with a certain method. It plays an important role in the flow direction of the metal liquid, pressure transmission, filling time, exhaust conditions, and mold temperature distribution.

It is also an important factor in determining the quality of die castings. The planning principle of the runner system of the die-casting mold should be polymerized from the gooseneck to the gate to prevent sharp corners. The appearance of the process diameter should be lubricated to reduce resistance and maintain the flow speed of the liquid zinc alloy.

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