4 Processing Steps Of Die-cast Housing


Die-cast Housing is processed in a high-pressure enviro […]

Die-cast Housing is processed in a high-pressure environment, and its punching and cooling speed are very fast. A die-casting part can be produced in just a few seconds. The products produced by this process have high precision and high precision. High surface finish, suitable for producing precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls.

There are four main steps in die casting processing, which are mold opening, die casting, post-processing, and inspection. Mold opening is to design and make molds. This needs to be comprehensively considered according to the product's specifications, materials, use environment, and mold materials. It is impossible to test the strength of mold engineers and mold processing technicians without rich experience; die casting is the process of using a die casting machine to inject molten metal into the mold and then push it out by the push rod. There are many related factors in this step. For example mold temperature, pouring temperature, raw material quality, injection speed, cooling speed, etc.; post-processing includes multiple processing steps, the purpose is to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of die-casting parts through various treatments. The metal texture of the product, these processes include fronting, tapping, polishing, surface treatment, laser engraving, UV, etc., but not all processes will be used, which need to be selected according to customer requirements; full inspection is the quality inspector Inspection of the quality of die castings, including appearance, size, performance, etc.

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