4 Installation Requirements For 150w Street Light Housing


4 Installation Requirements for 150w Street Light Housi […]

4 Installation Requirements for 150w Street Light Housing :

1. Creepage spacing and electrical space requirements, the creepage spacing and electrical spacing between live parts in the enclosure and nearby metal parts should not be less than 3.6 mm

2. The specific provisions of the wire holder and the terminal, the outer casing should be equipped with a conductor holder made of insulating materials to avoid terminal pressure and conductor insulation wear. The housing of the signal lamp shall be equipped with wiring terminals for the connection between the light-emitting unit and the external power supply, and the wiring terminals shall be selected to meet the relevant requirements.

3. Inlet protection, the wire inlet should be properly protected by conduit, a wire protection sleeve, and other methods. Should be chamfered and lubricated with a small radius of 0.5mm

4. Grounding requirements, when the equipment is completed and the light bulb is replaced, there are metal parts that can be touched or metal parts that may be charged due to the insulation problem of Xinjiang street lamps, and yellow-green wires should be used to connect (or close) these metal parts to the terminals, and ground them. Common flags are set on the terminals.

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