3 Roles Of Aluminum Light Housing


3 functions of Aluminum Light Housing : 1. Block the st […]

3 functions of Aluminum Light Housing :

1. Block the strong light and protect our eyes from the damage of the strong light. The lampshade can filter the strong light directly emitted by the bulb, which can make the light soft and comfortable. This is not only good for our eyes and will not make us feel dizzy, but also feels very warm and comfortable.

2. The lampshade has a protective function. The lampshade isolates the light bulb from us, so as to avoid the accidental rupture of the light bulb and the damage to us by the scattered light bulb fragments, so the lampshade plays a protective role for us and protects us. free from harm.

3. The lampshade has the function of antifouling. The lampshade isolates the erosion of the light bulb by dust and oil so that the dust and oil fume cannot enter the surface of the light bulb, and the light bulb will not be damaged quickly, which can prolong the life of the lighting. The time used makes the lighting last longer.

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