150w Street Light Housing Wholesale Shares The Characteristics Of Qualified Lampshades


There are always street lights on in the dark, so what […]

There are always street lights on in the dark, so what is the composition of these street lights, the structure of the street lights is simply a light bulb and a lampshade, then today 150w Street Light Housing Wholesale will talk about the relevant content of the lampshade:


The lampshade on the cloth gives a simple and elegant impression. The lampshade on the paper can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere. The lampshade made of metal has a cool temperament and modern sense of zd, and the lampshade in the shape of a drum brings nostalgia. feelings.

The following are the characteristics of qualified street lamp shades:

  1. It has high light transmission, high diffusion, no glare and no light shadow;
  2. The light source has excellent concealment (effectively adjust the diffusion rate and light transmittance, and the light transmittance reaches the maximum without seeing the lamp beads);
  3. The light transmittance reaches 94%;
  4. High flame retardancy;
  5. High impact resistance;
  6. Suitable for the use of LED bulbs;
  7. Achieve the conversion of point light emission into spherical light emission.


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