150w Street Light Housing Manufacturers Share Maintenance Methods For Stage Light Housing


Today's stage lighting is very particular and can bring […]

Today's stage lighting is very particular and can bring different effects to the stage. Although it is an auxiliary function, it can also bring good highlights to the stage. So today 150w Street Light Housing manufacturers will share the stage lights. Maintenance method of small parts lamp housing:


1. Turn on the switch and check whether the lamps are all lit and whether the accessories are defective.

2. With the consent of the customer, mark the furniture in the construction area and move it (lightly lift it, avoid bumping) to leave the construction area. Furniture that cannot be moved, such as sofas and beds, is made of a special dust cover Well protected.

3. Set up the ladder frame according to the construction requirements.

4. Take photos of the lamp, remove the lampshade, lamp dish, crystal accessories of the lamp and put them on the ground one by one.

5. Open the ceiling plate of the lamp to check the top bearing structure.

6. In order from top to bottom, first use a moist towel to clear the dust on the surface of the lamp, choose appropriate cleaning reagents to further care for the local areas that need to be treated, and then wipe them clean with a clean dry towel.

7. If the light source is damaged, obtain the customer's consent and replace it with a new light source.

8. Use clean water to clean the crystals, lamps and dishes, collect the water traces and replace the connecting pieces that need to be replaced.

9. Cleaning the fabric lampshade, apply a special cleaning agent to the lampshade, use a soft brush to brush repeatedly along the direction of the texture, and then dry it with a vacuum cleaner.

10. Restore the crystal, light dish and lamp shade in sequence.

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